Nowe wyzwanie edukacyjne dla nauczycieli, uczniów, rodziców


  • Urszula Hudaszek Staropolska Szkoła Wyższa w Kielcach
  • Marta Czyż-Przęczek Staropolska Szkoła Wyższa w Kielcach

Słowa kluczowe:

remote education, Ministry of Education, Intern


When we talk about contemporary education, we mean remote education, which began in accordance with the Regulation of the Ministry of National Education on March 20, 2020 and continues to the present. This teaching introduced many changes in the organization of classes for both teachers and students and parents. The Internet, which until now has been
used to a great extent by children for entertainment, has now become the only source of
knowledge transfer. The research was designed to learn about the functioning of distance
education among children and adolescents of primary school. Determining the level of knowledge understood, the type of teaching aids used and the possibilities of social contacts. The group of students consisted of 50 students, including 29 boys and 21 girls, who answered the questionnaire questions remotely. The developed research allowed to state that the new educational challenges posed to children and teachers are implemented at a level that can be described as positive. And remote education enables pandemic implementation of general education. 



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Hudaszek, U. ., & Czyż-Przęczek, M. (2021). Nowe wyzwanie edukacyjne dla nauczycieli, uczniów, rodziców. Annales Universitatis Paedagogicae Cracoviensis Studia Paedagogica, 13, 74–91. Pobrano z